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Images for learning materials - terms of use<

You are agreeing to the following terms of use licence by downloading pictures from the galleries identified on the free pictures home page:

1) Only images from the galleries identified on the free pictures home page are free to use and subject to this agreement. All other images on this site are the properties of their respective owners, bound by the owners conditions of use and are not part of the free picture resource.

2) Training Reference must be acknowledged as the source for any image that you download and use. This includes (but is not limited to):

a) Where an image is used on an intranet or external website, a link, acknowledging Training Reference as the source, should be placed on the same page as the image. The link should point to the following URL: /free_pictures/index.html

b) Where an image is used for any other purpose, for example in printed learning materials or an e-learning module(s), Training Reference must be acknowledged as the image source using the URL:

3) The following uses are permitted:

a) You may download a single copy of the image, or images, for specific use in learning materials, presentations, websites and other current design projects.

b) You may modify the images (crop, resize etc) as required. However, the copyright for any resulting image remains with Training Reference.

4) The following uses are NOT permitted:

a) You are not permitted to distribute, re-sell or sub-license an image, or images or transfer the rights to an image, or images.

b) You are not permitted to download and store the entire collection of images, or part of the collection of images, other than described in 3) a) above.

c) You are not permitted to create a link to any individual image on this site. You may, however, provide an unframed link to the free pictures home page using the following URL: /free_pictures/index.html

d) You are not permitted to use the image, or images, for any purpose, or on any website, that could be considered pornographic, libellous, defamatory or immoral, and/or for any other improper or illegal purposes.

5) By downloading any image, or images, from this site you accept any and all liability arising from downloading, storing and subsequent use of the image or images.

6) Changes to this licence will be published on this page and in our Training Reference newsletter. Please ensure you review the terms of use each time you visit this site to download an image.

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