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Training Reference contains over 2000 pages of information for training, learning and development professionals responsible for workplace learning and performance.

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Use a plus sign to include an excluded word

To speed up the search, common words, like "the" and "as", are ignored by Google when returning search results. Google tells you if a word has been ignored via a message underneath the search box. To have the ignored word included in your search put a plus sign ("+") in front of it (make sure there is a space in front of the "+" sign). E.g. To search for "Carrot or Stick" enter Carrot +or Stick.

Use quotation marks to search for a phrase

Quotation marks can be placed around any group of words to tell Google to search for occurrences of the complete phrase rather than the separate words.

Use a minus sign to exclude a word

A minus sign ("-") can be used in front of a word to indicate that the word must be missing on pages to be listed in the search results. For example, "jaguar" can refer to a make of car or a big cat. To find pages about jaguar that do not include the word car enter jaguar -car into the search box.

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Put a tilde sign ("~") immediately in front of a word and Google will search for pages that contain the word or one of its synonyms.

Use "OR" to find pages containing either word X OR word Y

You can use the logical "OR" operator to find pages that include either word X or word Y. The "OR" (in uppercase) is positioned between the two words. For example to find pages about training in London or Birmingham, enter training London OR Birmingham into the search box.

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