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Case study: Autoglass gives a clear view on TAP

Steve Sinclair-Day, Autoglass technical training manager, explains how the Trainer Assessment Programme (TAP) has helped to develop the training skills of technicians at the company’s National Skills Centre in Birmingham.

Over the last 20 years the modern windscreen has evolved from being something that 'keeps out the elements' to a complex safety feature which now accounts for up to 30% of a vehicle's structural strength. As the functionality and complexity of windscreens has increased this has created significant new demands on those responsible for fitting them.

Autoglass has launched a training programme to address these specific demands. This training program was designed to meet the specialist needs of both new and experienced windscreen technicians attending courses at their National Skills Centre in Birmingham.

A completely new technical training team was formed, made up of highly experienced technicians. However, the individuals concerned had previously had little formal training experience. Autoglass approached The Training Foundation to develop their training skills and to provide certification for the team.

The Training Foundation worked with Autoglass to configure a modular certification scheme within the Trainer Assessment Programme (TAP) which provided achievable mile stones for the team to work towards.

Team members initially completed courses leading to the TAP Certificate in Training Delivery Skills. As a result they were immediately able to modify existing programmes to better cater for the different learning styles and experiences of delegates. They also learned how to interact with the trainee technicians to get them involved in the program.

Steve Sinclair-Day, Autoglass technical training manager commented, "Autoglass is seeking to provide a centre of training excellence for the repair and replacement industry allowing us to deliver the highest standards of service for motorists."

"The Trainer Assessment Programme provided our trainers with a thorough development programme that met their individual training needs for enhanced skills and abilities. It soon became evident that the training techniques and skills learned within the Trainer Assessment Programme have been invaluable in instilling pride and self-confidence."

"We have seen significant improvements in trainee feedback and performance. Our trainers are now able to deliver a greater variety of programmes and have the confidence to communicate to others outside their field of expertise."

"From a business perspective the development of a team of professional trainers has helped Autoglass achieve a number of high profile accreditations from Thatcham, the UK's leading motor research centre, training authorities and the insurance and fleet industries."

"In the future, all new trainers joining the Autoglass National Skills Centre will go through the TAP programme. Over the coming months all existing trainers will receive training to achieve the TAP Diploma in Learning Facilitation Skills."

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