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Evaluation & Return on Investment (ROI)

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Ensure effective training spend with skills mapping, says QA-IQ
Organisations gain significantly improved value from their training spend by using structured assessment to identify skills gaps and manage the capabilities of their staff, according to learning services provider QA-IQ.

New book explores training and development around the world
National culture has become an overused and potentially damaging term in the world of learning and training. In reality, the key to delivering effective training on a world stage is to adapt to context, of which national culture is just one small part. This is one of the conclusions of a new study of learning, training and development around the world, based on 58 case studies of learning and development across 19 countrie

KnowledgePool launches white paper on evaluation
Managed learning services company KnowledgePool has launched a white paper on how to evaluate learning outcomes.

World of Learning Conference 2006
The World of Learning 2006 Conference is to feature an opening address by Ruth Spellman, chief executive of Investors in People, on 'How to maximise your investment in learning'.

BLA launches learning professional workshops
The British Learning Association (BLA) has launched a new range of 'Connect' Workshops for learning professionals.

Partnership aims to help financial services firms measure ROI
The Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC) has joined forces with the ROI Institute in the UK with the aim of demonstrating the real business value of investing in learning and performance and to give financial services firms the opportunity to achieve ROI Institute/FSSC Certification.

Managers given priority for training, says survey
Despite many enterprises having company-wide training programmes in place, a survey carried out by Cegos UK suggests that priority is still given to management-level career development over those on lesser rungs of the corporate ladder.

Dr Jack Phillips on ROI at Learning Technologies 2006
Dr Jack Phillips, Chairman of the ROI Institute, will address the Learning Technologies Conference, in London on 26 January 2006, speaking on 'Making the business case for value'.

Ashridge event looks at new research on return on investment
Ashridge Business School will be holding a fringe event at this year's Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) Conference on its research study into return on investment (ROI) in management development.

How well does coaching work?
Evaluation in the coaching and mentoring industry is put under the microscope in the new issue of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Journal.

Kirkpatrick and Phillips at 2005 Learning Analytics Symposium
Global Learning Alliance and Knowledge Advisors will run their next annual learning analytics symposium, in New Orleans from March 2nd to 4th 2005. The event is aimed at learning professionals interested in establishing or improving learning measurement processes and existing and potential users of the Metrics That Matter learning measurement system.

Lloyds TSB uses DRS technology for training evaluation

Lloyds TSB has implemented Optical Mark Recognition technology from DRS to gather information from over 17,000 training courses and 26,000 delegates at over 20 University for Lloyds TSB, (UfLTSB) training sites around the country.

New measures of success

Consistent and fit for purpose measures of success for the whole learning and skills sector have moved closer with the publication of a new document.

The unmeasurable benefits of learning

The Adult Learning Inspectorate has highlighted the need to find new ways of recognising students' success that extend beyond easily quantified, end-of-course indicators such as gaining a qualification or finding a job.

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Research and reports

MaST International publishes ROI survey results
According to a survey from learning and development consultancy MaST International, the biggest driver for measuring and evaluating training is to demonstrate the positive impact of training on the business.

New research looks at attitudes to ROI among business school users
Ashridge Business School has published the results of its research amongst business school users on attitudes to evaluating return on investment within executive education.

Communications are key to successful measurement solutions, says survey
Internal communications is cited as a critical success factor in developing measurement solutions, following a survey of learning analytics programme managers.

Survey: UK Managers to blame for lack of training ROI
Less that 30% of training course participants have discussed their training requirements and expectations with their manager before attending, according to research conducted by training and development company Prosell.

70% don't measure the business impact of training investments
A new survey has found that 70% of organisations have no formal measurement practices to assess the impact of training employees on the performance of their business.

Showing ROI is top issue for UK training managers
70% of the UK training managers surveyed by Star Consulting think that showing return on investment (ROI) will be one of the most important training management issues that they face in 2004.

New survey provides insight into blended learning in the UK
New research from Balance Training and Training Magazine provides an insight into the use and evaluation of blended learning and its impact on the UK training industry.

Lack of clear return on investment acting as a 'brake' on e-learning
THINQ Ltd. survey findings indicating that buyers are failing to see a clear return on investment from potential investments in e-learning infrastructures and, particularly, an understanding of how employees can be trained to use e-learning.

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Article archive

The human capital return on investment (1-11)
White paper that explores the need for ROI and articulates a methodology to obtain an ROI for training based on the increase in human capital that is realised through the training. (Global Learning Alliance, 2003)

Part 1 Why the need for ROI in Training?
Part 2 Learning Measurement Levels 1-4 (Kirkpatrick)
Part 3 Learning Measurement Level 5 (Phillips)
Part 4 Learning Measurement in Practice
Part 5 The Human Capital ROI Score Card
Part 6 Estimation, Isolation, and Adjustment
Part 7 Post Event vs. Follow Up
Part 8 ROI Indicators
Part 9 ROI in Human Capital vs. Non-Human Capital ROI
Part 10 The Balanced Score Card
Part 11 Best Practices, Concluding Thoughts

A fresh look at return on investment (.pdf 64kb)
The only valid training ROI is business ROI - join Jay Cross for a look at ROI in the information age. (Internet Time Group)

Calculating the return on your e-learning investment (.pdf 39kb)
This paper defines four categories of potential benefits and provides a primer on the mathematics of the ROI calculation. (Docent)

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