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Line wins Sony Grand Prix for BAA solution

LINE Communications Group scooped top honours at the SONY AV Awards held last night. Its approach to developing a staff induction programme for the London Heathrow Terminal 5 (T5) construction site was judged best in its category and also took the coveted Grand Prix award.

The judges commented that LINE’s Induction presentation for BAA T5 “…has been designed to stand the test of a five year induction process and makes effective use of all available presentation technologies - including stills, audio, video, animation and interactivity. (It) is a fine piece of work that was in tune with the corporate communications environment and a potentially difficult mix of audiences.

“The Grand Prix criteria are that the project should be of the greatest possible business benefit to the client and should successfully use AV to address significant business issues. In the case of BAA T5 Induction the judges felt this was certainly the case.”

The presentation also won the Multimedia category, described as “an elegant piece of design work that combines visual attractiveness and high quality with a clear and compelling structure.”

With around 50,000 people expected to be involved during the life of the T5 construction programme BAA wanted an industrial scale induction course, which could bring aboard up to 200 new people a day. However, quality was the largest consideration. Among the biggest and most high profile-building projects in Europe, T5 faces a range of construction, environmental, and safety challenges. BAA therefore required an integrated and thorough approach to briefing new recruits that is unprecedented in the construction industry.

“Essentially we wanted a world-class induction briefing for a world-class construction project,” said Anna Butterworth, Orientations Director for BAA Terminal 5. “Providing people joining the site with a briefing pack and a duplicated sheet of instructions just wasn’t an option. We need people to be fully integrated and motivated members of the team from day one. That means so much more than merely telling them where to go, who to contact and where to pick up their security pass,” she explains.

LINE was called in to help BAA develop a multimedia induction solution: one that marries live presentation with streamed audio and video, computer graphics, 3D room design and build, plus audience interactivity that allows testing of knowledge and attitudes.

“BAA originally requested an e-learning solution,” said Piers Lea, LINE’s CEO. “The reason they selected us was that we were able to produce something that was genuinely blended and optimal. We were able to draw on our experience in live presentations, exhibitions, interactivity, e-learning and multimedia to deliver an integrated presentation that marries elements of all these.”

The solution has transformed an existing education room at the BAA visitor centre at Heathrow into a totally immersive environment, using all three walls as communications displays and integrating the large window into the presentation to drive the final ‘reveal’. Audience question and response sessions using wireless keypads were integrated into the briefing, to allow the audience to have input into the session.

LINE’s Production Director Andrew Joly said one of the biggest challenges was integrating a wide range of applications and technologies into one seamless product. “We used Director and Flash, for example, to drive the audio, video and graphics, but integrated that with the keypad software and PowerPoint for the live speaker support. The benefit, though, is that this makes the content accessible to the BAA T5 briefing team, allowing them to make instant changes to the presentation details on site as required,” said Joly.

A further challenge for the LINE production team was to help BAA create and develop a visual expression of the T5 brand for the presentation, working closely with BAA’s own design team to interpret visual ideas, some of which were still at the ‘drawing board’ stage. Anna Butterworth says the final results had surpassed BAA expectations, “The interactivity is a particularly valuable feature. We’ve actually been able to use this to confirm that a motivation shift happens in the space of a 45-minute briefing.

“New joiners leave the room with their eyes opened to the sheer scale and awesome complexity of the T5 project – and with new motivation to live up to the exceptionally high standards we demand of everyone here.”

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