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Sound Practice: a recording studio in the training room

Two musicians found this year's HRD exhibition the ideal platform to tell people about their music based training application for developing team building, creativity and leadership skills.

Sound Practice, run by Mark Pearson and Jeff Williams, demonstrated their new music based training application, and they were overwhelmed at the response that they got. "We went to the exhibition last year as guests and realised that it was the next step for us" says Jeff " Training directors looking for something different immediately grasped the concept of Sound Practice".

He and Mark both have a long background working and performing in many different musical areas. After working together in a West End musical about the life of 'Elvis', they found that the subject of a music based training application for the business world had been mentioned to each them independently, through business associates, friends and family.

"Between shows one Saturday afternoon one of us happened to bring the subject up and the seeds were sown" says Mark. Discussions and testing followed. Luckily they had fantastic support from Jeff's wife, director of Creative Forum, a well established Forum Theatre Training organisation working in Europe and the UK, and friends at Steps Role-play.

So, what does the application entail? Requiring no musical training or ability, the Sound Practice team will get your work force, within a 3 to 4 hour program to compose....a company jingle! But how?....

"We start by demystifying the process and breaking it down into separate tasks. The teams work on the various tasks and have their work recorded in real time using digital recording equipment. It's the environment we are offering, the delegates supply the creativity, discuss the merits of each others efforts, motivate each other, take control of ego issues and generally work towards a task centred goal within a strict time scale." "Everything takes place in their own workplace or conference hall. And don't forget, they get a cd of their work at the end of the day!" adds Mark.

So for two years now they have been training teams in this way. The response has been very positive. For some they get to see their colleagues in a new light, for others they are able to tap into newly found creativity in their every day job. Teams are brought together and work more effectively

"Our most recent work brought us into touch with a very demotivated team." explains Mark. "A large number of the workforce had been let go and the rest of the staff were feeling very low. We were brought in as part of a rebranding/teambuilding day and did a half day workshop...our most effective time slot", he adds. "The results were excellent and the M.D. who had been there the whole day couldn't have been more happy. He felt the team had turned the corner."

Which brings us back to the present. " We are still ploughing through the requests for information on the company we received at the HRD exhibition. It looks like a busy year ahead both at home and abroad with enquiries from Madrid, Barcelona and France as well as closer to home." remarks Jeff, " It looks like we could be touring the training rooms of Europe as much as the concert halls of Europe for the foreseeable future!"

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