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Young Doctors - ITV1 Monday & ITV2 Tuesday

Seven medical students set out to make the grade in their critical third year of medical training in this new six-part documentary series, which follows them from the classroom to the hospital wards.

With unparalleled access to Southampton University and the hospitals it works with, YOUNG DOCTORS follows the highs and lows of the students’ toughest year yet – the triumphs, tears, mistakes and exam results that could make or break their futures.

From their first meeting with a real patient, to taking blood, delivering babies and performing resuscitation – every day is filled with nerve-wracking challenges for Britain’s next generation of young doctors.

But it’s not all work and no play for the med-school pupils. The cameras keep rolling after hours when the white coats come off and the partying starts.

The first episode of YOUNG DOCTORS introduces five of the medical students;
Jacob, Lizzy, Barney, Camilla and Sheona.

For Jacob, failure isn’t an option and so far he is thriving, but is he any good? As a proper doctor he will routinely take blood. So far he has only practised on dummies. Today in A and E he will have to do it for real. Unfortunately finding the artery proves to be a challenge for the trainee doctor.

"I think I’m going to need a blood transfusion after all that stress," explains Jacob.

Lizzy comes from a medical family but there is no guarantee that she will follow in their footsteps. Today she needs to take a medical history, but not all hospital patients like student doctors coming near them.

"Often it is hard to find a patient that will be willing to talk to you and will give a good history that you can learn from," she sighs.

Lizzy finds a ward patient that is hard of hearing and partially blind – a real challenge for her.

A vicar’s son from Salisbury, who works hard but likes to play even harder, Barney may be game for a laugh but he’s serious about becoming a doctor. He is a novice but his charm takes him a long way.

Patient Mrs Atherton, would give Barney a grade A on his looks alone, "I thought ooh, there’s a dishy one. I didn’t realise he was a medical student and when he introduced himself he had such an easy manner I automatically took to him," she says.

Sheona is the baby of the third year. She’s the first in her family to do a degree and she’s not going to let anyone down, especially herself. Her drive and enthusiasm have made her one of the best and she is a grade A girl.

But brains don’t stop you getting embarrassed, and seeing a patient with a delicate problem to expose puts Sheona in a situation that makes her blush.

"I just hope I’m doing the best I can to my abilities and do myself proud and not let myself down," she says.

YOUNG DOCTORS is a Granada production for ITV1.

Young Doctors is on ITV1 Network Monday, 12th July, 10:00 pm to 10:30 pm and ITV2 Tuesday, 13th July, 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM

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