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Can you recognise a leader?

They’re not discouraged

They are optimists. They know there will be setbacks, and don’t mind hearing about them. They make changes as necessary, and keep moving forward.

They don’t blame

They have no time to delve into who did what and whose fault it is when things go wrong. They can’t be bothered with gossip, backbiting and manipulating.

They trust

They’ll take a chance and trust someone they don’t know too well to help in their projects. From time to time they get let down, but they’d rather that than play safe and never get anywhere.

They grab chances

Their mind is firmly focused on where they want to go, so they notice those little chances to move a bit forward. They don’t wait for the golden opportunity. They gather nuggets along the way.

They’re visible

They don’t rule like hermits in an ivory tower. They turn up and talk to people. The more they know about what’s going on, the better.

They learn all the time

Their ears are constantly attuned to anything and everything. They gain from chats over coffee, coaching, research papers, books, the Internet, and anywhere where they can find out something new.

They want others to develop too

They enjoy any plaudits they get, but they know that being a lone star won’t get them where they want. They need the people around them to be skilled and effective. So they give encourage and empower others to develop to the maximum.

They know where they’re going

You can’t lead into a vacuum. You have to be going somewhere. Effective leaders are clear about their vision, and the vision is their spur.

They inspire

They understand that others need a direction as much as they do. They don’t ask anyone to follow blindly. They have the charisma to inspire them, so they share the vision.

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